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      • Quilt Ladders
      • Holders
      • Hangers
Solid Hardwood

 Pressure Quilt Hanger
$20.00 per linear foot
(sample shown below:)

Quilt Ladder
$18.00 per linear foot
 (sample shown below:)

All Hangers, Holders, Ladders Made to Your Specifications
Size, Style and Color
Shipping and Handling not included.

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Sew Parties!
For you and your friends!

WHO?? any group of friends 
WHAT?? a gathering of friends who want to learn to sew 
WHEN?? usually Friday evenings or Saturday 
WHERE?? at Lavender Patch in our new classroom! 
WHY?? to have fun and learn to sew! 
HOW?? Call us, schedule a date, pick from 3 projects, invite your friends, bring the food, we'll provide the fabric, machines and supplies,and instruction. 
RESULT: you and your friends will leave with a finished project, and you'll know how to sew! 

Description : Gather a group of friends and host a Sew Party. Schedule a time for your Sew Partie, bring some hors d’oeuvres and we'll teach you all to sew! You can expand your circle of sewing friends, and we'll expand the circle of sewers, all while having fun. We have several projects to choose from, so you'll decide which you prefer. Come to Lavender Patch the night of your Sew Party and we'll help you choose your fabrics, show you how to cut, stitch, and before you leave, your project is done. 
By appointment
Cost: $30.00 per guest

Call or email me for details!
Lavender Patch Fabric & Quilts
(574) 848-0011
112 E Vistula St.
PO Box 114
Bristol, IN 46507

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